Why A Videographer is Essential for your Wedding Day

So you're planning your wedding. You've found your dream venue, you have selected your date, and you are excited to write your vows. You've watched hundreds of wedding videos on youtube and you are wondering if a videographer is right for you.

Well I am here to tell you why a videographer is essential for your wedding day.

Your videographer will capture your story.

Pictures capture a moment in time, but videos capture movement and sound, creating a story. With a wedding video you will be able to experience all the little moments you may not have seen. A wedding video can capture the gasp of your spouse when you walk down the aisle, or the gentle "I love you's" as a father drops her little girl off at the alter.

Wedding Videos let you feel the day's emotions all over again.

From the morning jitters to the excitement walking away from your wedding being married, a wedding video captures all of the emotions throughout your wedding day. When you have a wedding video, you can feel all of those emotions again. You will laugh and you will cry - it is the closest thing to reliving your wedding day.

You will get to see the things you couldn't on your wedding day.

Your wedding can be overwhelming and you can miss a lot! Your goal on your wedding day is to marry the love of your life, so there will be things you will miss - but your video will capture it all. From the smallest detail such as rings to the biggest moments like the first kiss, you will get to see it all.

Wedding Videos can be seen by anyone you want.

With sharing becoming easier, your video can be seen by all of your friends and family. The emotions felt on your wedding day can be shared with those who couldn't make it and even those who were there by your side.

Your video can be watched over and over again.

Your video is yours forever. It can be watched every year on your anniversary, or even every day. The excitement will always be there for you to experience, whenever you want!

Videographers are there to capture your entire day and turn your wedding day into a cinematic story that you will get to keep forever. Make your day special forever.

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